By introducing company executives to promising companies,
    NETWORK BANK will play a role of matching platform.


    You can contact decision makers of large enterprises

    More than 1000 decision makers from various industries have gathered at NETWORK BANK. Utilizing NETWORK BANK makes it possible for you to propose to the industry or company that you want.

    You can dramatically improve sales efficiency

    Direct negotiation with the right decision makers allows you to raise contract rate dramatically. NETWORK BANK makes sales activities more efficient at lower cost than existing customer developing method such as walk-in sales and telephone appointments.

    We apply performance-based payment system.

    We will not demand any payment for using our service until you meet with the person who you are promised. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the payment.

    We SANSEI AimConsul Inc.
    would like to realize effective economic ecosystem from the viewpoint of “sharing economy of human resources.”

    For many years matching business with personal connections has been considered implicit business,
    but we have constructed this matching business in the form of explicit sharing economy of human resources.

    Personal connections are valuable assets.
    With sharing your personal connections in our system, we believe that this matching will trigger radical change in business.
    The change may lead to build essential infrastructure or appear on the front page of the New York Times.

    Would you like to be the right person to make a turning point of the new business.


    1. Please contact us first.

    We will explain our service so that
    you can understand and make a decision decide to use the service.

    2. We will contact to you

    We will have an interview to know your company’s service, features, strength. (etc.)
    After approving a non-disclosure agreement, we will discuss more details.

    3. We will offer suggestions

    Based on the submitted information, we will make a proposal
    for setting business meetings with companies or person you wish to meet.
    After we discussed the proposal, we will conclude a basic agreement and start setting business meetings.

    4. Meeting will be carried out

    Our staff will responsibly deal with setting business meetings and
    organizing time schedule of the meeting day. If things go smoothly,
    the meeting is conducted within one week from the conclusion of basic agreement.

    Industries that we possibly refuse offers

    Companies that deal with financial products such as insurance
    Real estate related companies
    Companies that develop by multilevel marketing
    Antisocial forces


    Examples of use

    Improving sales activity by directly negotiating with decision maker

    You can propose your service or products

    Using NETWORK BANK to acquire new clients

    You can make a road to realize alliance,
    propose a new business,
    or receive investments.


    Client: foreign financial card company

    Supports of executing strategies

    In many cases, foreign companies face the challenge to deploy their business in Japan because of the low degree of recognition. Our “NETWORK BANK” has helped the foreign financial card company form an alliance with appropriate partners and enter Japanese market easily.

    Client: electric power company, foreign auto company (EV)

    Cultivate mutual and complementary relationship

    Recently, wide variety of alliance is found in auto industry. Especially, EV business is promising for both electric power company and EV company. “NETWORK BANK” has helped make alliance between such companies and succeeded to establish win-win relationship.


    Categories Rewards
    (excluding tax)
    Listed companies in Japan
    A 30,000yen Person who is in charge of a project
    B 50,000yen Director of a department
    C 70,000yen Executive
    D 100,000yen Representative of the company
    E Other price (yen) Others
    Categories Rewards
    (excluding tax)
    Small and medium sized companies or leading venture companies in Japan
    X 10,000yen Director of department
    Y 30,000yen Executive
    Z 50,000yen Representative of the company
    The category is only a guideline and may be changed depending on cases. After having interview with clients, we will notify the category of personal connection and the amount of rewards. This category and company are determined based on sales profit, the number of employees, achievement of the company, and considerable factors, all of which are defined by us.
    The payment shall be made only when the business meeting has been conducted. In addition, we will liable only for setting meetings, but not for contents of negotiations.


    Q1. Payment
    You shall pay rewards, which is from 10,000 yen to 100,000 or other price, according to person or companies you wish to meet. The payment shall be made only when the business meeting has been conducted. Please look at article.5 of terms and conditions for further information.
    Q2. How business meeting can be arranged?
    The business meeting will be arranged by a registrant who has personal connection to the company or the person you wish to meet. The registrant is a reliable person who we conducted interview and concluded a contract. Please consider about registration if you also have personal connections.
    Q3. Do clients have to tell company information or business contents?
    Setting business meetings shall be conducted after having explained to company or person you wish to meet. We will explain to registrants or clients about your business after we conducted interview with you.
    Q4. Do we have to pay for subsequent transactions?
    You do not have to pay fees or rewards if you directly contact with the person or companies through business transactions. If you wish to arrange the business meeting or appointment by using NETWORK BANK, you are required to pay fees according to rarity of person or companies you wish to meet.
    The service shall be concluded by setting business meetings, and we will not be liable for contents of business negotiations. In addition, we will not demand any fees or rewards even if you obtained profits by using our service.
    Q5. Can clients get more information of the results?
    We will inform you the number of person or companies you requested to meet and the number of conducted meetings as a monthly report at the end of month.
    Q6. Can clients meet person or companies that is in provincial area?
    In the case that you wish to meet a person or company that is in provincial area, you shall pay transportation fees to a registrant who have personal connections. You shall check the transportation fees on the invoice sent by us.



    We will visit to you to explain our service.
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